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The type of vanilla grown on Madagascar and in most other locations is Vanilla planifolia, also known as Madagascar Vanilla. About 80% of the world's real vanilla comes from Madagascar. However, an estimated 95% of all vanilla products contains artificial vanilla. The best quality Vanilla, also called Black Vanilla, is produced primarily around Antalaha, Sambava, Vohemar and Andapa in the northwest of Madagascar.

Vanilla extract

TK Black
TK Vanilla extract

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Red Vanilla extract

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black vanilla
Black Vanilla extract

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Vanilla bean paste

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We carefully choose all products to assure best quality and flavor.

Best Quality Products

Most Vanilla products are imitation or artificial ours are made from 100% pure vanilla beans!


Everything we sell is grown without chemicals or pesticides

Zero Carbon Footprint

Our Facility is a Passive Green House powered by the sun with Solar energy  and water collected from our freshwater wells.

We Give Back

We help support Kids of Madagascar. Which helps homeless kids have food education and shelter

Factory in Madagascar

We cure our Vanilla beans in a controlled enviroment in Madagascar before shipping to our U.S location.

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Uses for Vanilla Extract

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Mango Vanilla Smoothie
Vanilla Cake
Vanilla Pacakes 
Homemade Vanilla Icecream

We Give BackHeading

                                                                KIDS OF MADAGASCAR is a non profit organization that helps provide Food, Shelter and Education for Homeless Kids in Madagascar. With each purchase a portion of our proceeds goes to educating, feeding and possibly sheltering kids ranging in ages 3 to 17. It is our mission to try to change the lives of each and every child that is in our program. Kids of Madagascar is Partnered with E.P.P Ambohikely School in Imerintsiatosika in providing afterschool Education. But we don’t stop there we also work with families in Fostering Homeless Children by providing work opportunities with Empire Vanilla. It is our hope to change the world one child at a time.