About us


Our Vision

Was to go where few have gone before deep into the Jungles of Madagascar where our farming partners grow the highest quality green beans. Our facility was built strategically in the rural countryside to insure that our beans didn't make the long journey to be processed. This also allowed us to keep costs low and to be able to pay our farming partners more. Because of this we have become a staple of the community and have become a hub for many farmers not willing to make the long journey on foot to buyers in the city.   That way guaranteeing the highest quality of Vanilla products and a more affordable price.  This is just one of the things that makes Empire Vanilla different from all the rest.

Family Based

Empire vanilla is a family owned business. Started by 17 year old Carlos Verastegui and his family. Carlos was determined to change the eyes of the world when he learned that most vanilla products were favored with artificial vanilla. Being from a Mexican family that owned restaurants and loved vanilla products. He studied the Vanilla business and developed his business plan alongside his family. Creating Empire Vanilla supply chain and facility in rural Madagascar. It is his passion to supply high-quality vanilla products at a fair market price. That way allowing for more people to truly satisfy their taste buds one vanilla bean at a time.